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Are you looking for a certified personal trainer near you who can assist you in achieving your fitness goals? Qaiser Khan, a professional Strength & Conditioning Coach, is here to guide you toward a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Depending on your preference, you can choose from a personal trainer studio, in-person training, or online personal training to work toward your goal of becoming fitter.

Our app serves as the best solution for all your fitness requirements. You can make your workout schedule using our extensive exercise library, gain direct access to Qaiser Khan’s personal workout schedule, and benefit from our chat support. Download our app now and start your journey towards improved health and fitness.

Certified Personal Trainer

Qaiser Khan is Pakistan’s first & only person to have a Master’s in Strength and Conditioning. You can trust him to provide effective workout programs customized to your needs and preferences. With a proven history of successful clients, he is the best choice for your transformation journey.

Customized Meal Plans

Explore the benefits of personalized nutrition with customized meal plans. No two individuals are alike, so a holistic approach is required to design a perfect meal plan for you. Qaiser Khan will design meal plans that align with your dietary requirements and unique fitness goals. So say goodbye to generic diets and start eating meal plans that are best for your health and fitness.


Experience Your Transformation Journey

Transformation is not just about changing your external appearance but also your lifestyle, habits, and mindsets. You can tap into your full potential with Qaiser Khan as your personal fitness trainer. His years of expertise and experience will empower you to achieve fitness results you never thought were possible. He has a history of proven transformation results from past customers. Whether you want to build muscles, shed pounds, or enhance your fitness, Qaiser Khans’ personalized fitness approach will help you surpass your limits. So, get ready to start on a journey of personal fitness and self-discovery. Your journey to a better you begins right here, right now.

Desktop and mobile interface

A seamless online & mobile client office experience, fully secure and convenient.

Choose your plan

Choose Your Plan & Start Your Journey Today

SHRED offers a range of flexible plans to suit your schedule, lifestyle, and goals. We have the perfect plan for you, whether group fitness classes or one-on-one personal training. Your transformation begins today, so don’t wait and select the plan today that suits you the best.

Free plan

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Paid Plan

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Get The Body You've Always Wanted

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With Qaiser Khan as your personal fitness trainer, you can tap into your full potential and get the body you always wanted. You will achieve your desired body with personalized training programs and expert guidance by Qaiser Khan. So say hello to a healthier, leaner, and stronger you.

Hit your target weight while eating the things you like. No fancy diets, no big lifestyle changes – just pure results.


Get results that you can see in real-time. Our unique methods and personalized approach is guaranteed to get results faster!


Your own personal coach to guide you and keep you motivated as you charge towards your fitness goals.

Personal Coach

See real changes in real-time. Set milestones and track daily progress as you get to your dream body.

Track Progress

Best In The Business

Qaiser Khan is proud to be recognized as one of Islamabad’s best personal fitness trainers. He has a Certification in Sports Nutrition From Barcelona, Spain, and is a Level-4 Corrective Exercise Specialist.
With Clients In 7-8 Countries, Including the USA, Canada, UK, Spain, and Australia, he is the best in the business. He is trusted by people seeking results-driven fitness programs. His personal training experience ensures that everyone gets the best fitness results and leads a healthy life.

Convenient Location

You don’t have to worry about accessibility as SHRED is located in the most convenient location in Islamabad. So get started today.

Motivation & Accountability

Qaiser Khan’s training style is based on motivation, accountability, and encouragement. This helps clients to stay positive and consistent with their fitness routines.

Comprehensive Support

Body transformation and staying fit require more than just exercise. You will get comprehensive guidance, including workout schedules, nutrition advice, and motivational support by getting trained with SHRED.

Proven Results

Qaiser Khan is not just any personal fitness trainer; he’s the best for a reason. The success stories of past clients are an example that shows the level of commitment Qaiser Khan gives to all his clients. Choosing him as your fitness trainer ensures that you are on the path that leads to real results. So don’t delay, sign up for SHRED today and embark on your fitness and well-being journey

Become a Success Story

Many have experienced life-changing transformations with Qaiser Khan as their personal fitness trainer. Are you also ready to join the club of success stories? With his professional guidance, you can be the next shining example of a total body transformation. You can achieve this when you have the best personal trainer by your side.

Track Progress

Tracking your fitness journey is essential to achieving your goals. Getting fitness training services from Qaiser Khan ensures constant progress. With the SHRED app, you can monitor every step of your transformation. You can measure your achievements, whether improving overall fitness or losing weight.

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With professional guidance from Qaiser Khan, you’ll stay motivated and stay on the right path to achieve your fitness goals. Join our transformative journey, and let’s celebrate every milestone of your fitness dreams together.


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