Skin + Hair + Nail Supplement 30 capsules

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We bring you a supplement with 5000 mcg Biotin. Which will help you improve your hair skin and nails.

It helps to restore healthy hair, reduce split ends and thinness of hair as well as supports healthy and strong nails. * Biotin assists in the synthesis of Keratin; which is an important protein for hair and nail growth. * Helps in better growth of hair and nails. * Supports a healthy and moisturized skin. * It assists in maintaining a healthier skin texture by reducing its dryness and dullness * help in regulating the body’s systems to restore normal health. * Helps in boosting body’s energy. * Supports bones health and energy production. * Plays key role in antioxidant action.


Biotin (USP) 5000mcg, Tocopherol (USP) 5mg, Zinc Sulfate (USP) 5mg, Selenium as Sodium Selenite 20mcg, Cysteine (USP) 2mg, Methionine (USPO 20mg, Lysine (USP) 10mg

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